aronq@stanworth.netI was farm raised in Northern Montana working on dryland small grains and summer fallowing. I fell in love with soil science, the Desert Southwest and a midwest Girl (in that order). I now have an agronomic lab and consult on nutrient and water management on crops from Alfalfa to Zucchini.


“I like numbers, words speak to some people; to others of us it’s numbers.” -Carlos Slim Helu


“Problems are seldom solved by those who created them” -Albert Einstein

Let the Rabbi Drive….

Last month I was speaking with one of my clients (we’ll call him “Jeff”) about a specialty crop he was growing and harvesting. Jeff had landed a “kosher” wheat deal where the crop would be grown specifically for a religious […]

Unpredictable Barnyard

With the escalating prices of commercial fertilizer and the pressures from¬†environmental¬†regulations, more growers are turning to organic sources for plant nutrients. It is about time!¬†Trends in follow up plant analysis on fields that have a history of manure and those […]

Sugarbeets and Low Plant Phosphate

For my first blog, I would like to discuss low fertility in plant analysis that is not caused by deficient soil nutrients. We have noticed in the past that low petiole phosphate may not respond to side dress or water […]