Irrigation Management

Soil Columns with soil moisture sensors on left.


Stanworth Consultants is conducting a replicated experiment to analyze the potential effects on soil chemistry by the use of applications of large amounts of beet lime on calcareous soils. A replicated experiment is now underway with 4 treatments of different […]

Posts from the Archive: The Goal and Objectives of Good Irrigation Management.

Sometimes you stumble on some old work and say,  wow did I write that?   Below are some thoughts on the benefits of good irrigation scheduling. Perhaps the most misunderstood, over looked, and under utilized practice in crop production systems today […]

Alfalfa Irrigation, the last kiss before the cutting.

Good alfalfa production depends on good irrigation scheduling in the desert.   The most critical irrigation is the one prior to the cutting.  Fields that lack sufficient water for good regrowth after the cutting suffer significant yield losses.    Each […]

Real Time Soil Moisture Reports

Recently new IT products allow traditional soil moisture meters to update to the internet to give reports in “real time”. The report to the right is an example of how soil moisture is depleted from the rootzone of an established […]

Decagon Logger Measures Rain Event

As the old Arab saying goes “All sunshine makes a desert”, so it is that I post a recent rain event here in our valley. We received 2.28 inches of rain Tuesday morning. This event was recorded by our Decagon […]

Irrigation Management- Nitrogen Efficiency

As I am reviewing last seasons Wheat agronomic reports one fact keep appearing. Good irrigation management pays in savings on nitrogen applications. Part of our service is to review the previous seasons agronomic reports with growers. But this year, the […]


Each year I come into contact with local growers that are led to believe that water run applications of anhydrous ammonia hardens the soil. They are concerned that applying this form will lead to losses in soil quality and crop […]