Nutrient Management

Inquiry from Alfalfa Grower

Aron If I want to make 12 tons of alfalfa, how many lbs of K and P do I need to apply? Thanks, Alfalfa Grower Dear Alfalfa Grower: That is an easy and difficult question to answer. Here is the […]

Soil Columns with soil moisture sensors on left.


Stanworth Consultants is conducting a replicated experiment to analyze the potential effects on soil chemistry by the use of applications of large amounts of beet lime on calcareous soils. A replicated experiment is now underway with 4 treatments of different […]

Irrigation Management- Nitrogen Efficiency

As I am reviewing last seasons Wheat agronomic reports one fact keep appearing. Good irrigation management pays in savings on nitrogen applications. Part of our service is to review the previous seasons agronomic reports with growers. But this year, the […]

Unpredictable Barnyard

With the escalating prices of commercial fertilizer and the pressures from environmental regulations, more growers are turning to organic sources for plant nutrients. It is about time! Trends in follow up plant analysis on fields that have a history of manure and those […]

Sugarbeets and Low Plant Phosphate

For my first blog, I would like to discuss low fertility in plant analysis that is not caused by deficient soil nutrients. We have noticed in the past that low petiole phosphate may not respond to side dress or water […]