Maxim Kalakosky Presentation

Stanworth Consultants supports Science Curriculum at Local Elementary Schools

Last year Stanworth Consultants participated in Science Education Outreach Project at local schools. Max Kalakosky, Chemist at Stanworth Lab helped children understand how soil quality can affect plant growth and the establishment of habitat plants.     Soil samples were […]

Cutting Trends in Desert Alfalfa to achieve 10 tons/ac.

Are your fields producing 10 tons/ac per year of alfalfa hay?    If not, the cutting data above may give you an hint as to why. Many years of research here in the Palo Verde Valley, California on good producing […]

Responses of Alfalfa Production and Quality to Water run applications of Micro-organisms.

Below is an excerpt from Stanworth Crop Consultants Inc Research Introduction: Questions regarding soil health in the SW deserts of the United States have been posed. Indigenous populations of micro-organisms may not be as effective in decomposition of organic matter or […]

Estimating Hay Yields on Research Trials

Estimating yields on alfalfa or other hay crops can be challenging. Hay harvesting in the desert SW United States involves a period of curing and baling on dew moisture. Raking and Baling may occur at 3 am in the morning. […]


Each year I come into contact with local growers that are led to believe that water run applications of anhydrous ammonia hardens the soil. They are concerned that applying this form will lead to losses in soil quality and crop […]

Unpredictable Barnyard

With the escalating prices of commercial fertilizer and the pressures from environmental regulations, more growers are turning to organic sources for plant nutrients. It is about time! Trends in follow up plant analysis on fields that have a history of manure and those […]