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Michael Mullion had an excellent idea. Why don’t you blog while you are on your trip to Saudi Arabia. Well, I am not long winded or fluent with words. But I am having a pint of London’s Pride at the Robert Inn. It is a traditional English pub in Hounslow London. And, I can post pictures with a little explanation below each. So here Goes…..

This is the Boeing 777 loading at the Jetway at LAX.

This my isle seat, Eric Edlund, from Stockholm Sweden next to me. He is returning from a business trip to LA. His sister lives in Smaland Sweden, the Quist ancestral home. He was married in an 800 year old church, Lutheran of course. He commented that many Swedes left Smaland in the mid 1800′s because of hard times and even hunger. He related that the soil there is very rocky and not very productive. He said the people from there have a reputation of being hard working.

These ladies are from the Netherlands. Many of the plane passengers are Scandinavians going home from vacationing in the US. I overhead them speaking in Dutch, it is a beautiful language, it sounds like the a bubbling brook flowing through the forest. They had just finished a joint-family vacation with 8 kids and parents spanning 4000 miles across the US. I apologize for the quality of the print

Picture of London Heathrow Airport. Side note now, they are serving green peas with my fish and chips here at the pub. Yes Teresa, other people in this world do enjoy eating green peas, thank you.

Next up, A cute Bobby, a shrubbery, and a dark Cloak Room! Later, AQ

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