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AWANA is a children’s ministry that is based upon learning about a loving God by studying His word.   The children memorize  scripture, play games and earn points for other activities.    It is based upon 2nd Timothy 2:15. Which encourages children (Clubbers)  to study hard, be good workers and think critically about scriptures in the bible and ponder them.

Cubbers Range in age from Kindergarten to High School.

Awards night.

Clubbers earn points by passing sections that teach them about God’s Word.   They earn points (awana bucks) that accumulate through the year.   These AWANA bucks can be spent at the AWANA store.   Many children save these bucks and purchase Christmas gifts for their family members.

Balloon Pop Game

It’s not ALL fun and games,  but a good portion is.   The games accomplish a number of things.  1. is to help them shake off pent up energy,  this allows them to concentrate on studies, 2. it helps them to develop a team spirit and 3. it helps build relationships and shared experience.

Drive In Movie Theme Night

Club night is made more fun by having theme nights.    “Movie Night” is made a little different by making cars to sit in during the movie showing.

Pie in the Face Night

Clubbers are encouraged to work hard on their sections.   Section point winners can throw a pie in the face of their selected Leader.    Sometimes the leaders can put the pie in the face of the Clubber!

2011 Trek trip to Joshua Tree.

Clubbers are encouraged to explore God’s World.   The AWANA program is designed to equip kids to experience a life that contains His joy supported by the word of God.