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Quality Consulting Since 1972:

Services include: tissue sampling prior to each sidedress and irrigation, record keeping of pertinent agronomic information such as crop varieties, irrigation's, fertilizer applications and yields. A season-end crop report is prepared with cost and yield breakdown for each field. Recommendations and personal contact on your fertilizer needs following soil and plant analysis. Soil analysis for pre-plant and early crop fertilizer needs, along with field salinity and water holding levels. plant tissue analysis for nutrient status throughout the growing season. Cutout the guesswork and excessive fertilizer costs with systematic planning, to achieve optimum production in the fields.

Our services provide analysis of your soil and plant tissue for nutrients and soil characteristics, then we make a recommendation for your fertilizer needs following each sample. We also provide you with reports and graphs to display the ongoing nutrient history of each field.

As time went on, the facility was expanded and more chemists were trained.  In 1985, Bud Micalizio was employed as chemist and more tests were added to the schedule.   More complimentary uses were found for the tests. Fertilizer and manure analysis wet chemistry procedures for quality and moisture content was added to the suite of services offered by the lab for fertilizer companies, feedlots, and environmental firms.

Every time a field is sampled, we contact you to discuss our recommendations and your plans for water and fertilizations is critical in order for us to make our recommendations. Although our services are typically provides as a full season program, we can run samples on an individual basis. We will tailor our services to fit your needs!

Soil Analysis:

Our soil analysis will help you determine your preplant and sidedress fertilizer requirements. It will also give you an understanding of the crop production capabilities of each field in terms of salinity, soil type, water holding capacity and percolation. Our standard soil analysis is for nitrogen, phosphate, salinity and water holding capacity. Analysis of other elements can be provided upon request.

We assist in development of new fertilizers for suppliers of these materials.  In 1988 Micro-Cal, was developed for The Pinal Company as a blend of acidified copper mine tailings with gypsum for field applications in ag and golf turf. In 1995, Ultimate Oranics LLC utilized our services in grading and formulating new liquid organic fertilizers for the organic produce industry.  In 1999, RSA Microtech asked us to monitor responses on melons of new generation foliar fertilizers.  In 2003, Stanworth Crop Consultants, Inc consulted with the Yakima Company on “type A” bio-solids analysis and application to agricultural fields in the Palo Verde Valley.  

The primary areas we serve are: the Palo Verde Valley, Yuma Valley, Imperial Valley, Coachella Valley and the Parker Valley.  We have international experience consulting on production agriculture in Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Plant Analysis:

During the growing season of your crops, we will sample and analyze plant tissue for nitrogen levels and other nutrients as necessary. By chemical analysis of the plant tissue, monitored on a timely basis, the nutrient status of the plants is determined and a fertilizer program is designed to supply the needs of each field and crop without excessive fertilization. Following each plant sample, a computer-generated graph is printed to show the nitrogen levels during the term of the crop, along with the growing history of your actual fertilizations, irrigation, prior fertilizer recommendations and weekly heat units. The graphs for many crops display ideal levels of nitrogen according to plant growth stage throughout the crop season.

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